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Brian Greenfield



Brian Greenfield was born and raised in Washington, DC. After graduating from Gonzaga College High School, Brian attended Seton Hall University.  While there, God moved powerfully in Brian's heart and Life.  Brian began to attend a weekly prayer meeting with other students. This eventually grew into a retreat ministry called the 12 Apostles Program. While leading a retreat, Brian promised God that he would stop living for himself and gave his life to Jesus Christ.


He continued to work in youth and young adult ministry during his four years at Seton Hall, speaking at numerous youth events and youth groups. After graduating with a degree in communications, Brian attended the Franciscan University of Steubenville for theology. While at Franciscan, he felt God calling him to give more of himself. Brian withdrew from school and entered the Community of the Franciscans of the Renewal. As a postulant, Brian lived in Harlem, served the poor, and began his formation as a Franciscan Friar.


After finishing the postulancy, Brian returned to Washington, DC to further discern God's call for his life. Brian returned to Seton Hall University to study theology, where he served as a part-time Campus Minister for the university.  Brian taught religion at Paramus Catholic High School.  He also began his work with Hard as Nails Ministries. He received his M.A. in Theology in May 2005 and an M.A. in Education Leadership in 2012.


Brian has spoken to thousands of youth and young adults about the message of Jesus Christ. He has written numerous articles concerning various aspects of Christian living. Brian is also one of the few black catholic evangelists in the United States.


Brian believes that God has given him gifts to bring the message of Jesus Christ to others and knows that there is a prevailing hopelessness in this world that can only be remedied through an encounter with Christ. Brian taught theology for six years and is currently the Director of Campus Ministry at Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. He resides in Spring Hill Florida with his wife Genevieve and his two children Mieko and Michael.



M.A., Education Leadership, Seton Hall University

M.A., Theology, Immaculate Conception School of Theology – Seton Hall University

B.A., Communications, Seton Hall University



Talk 1: Arise – Lazarus
Focus: Jesus bringing us back to life despite our pasts, ridicule from others, and a culture that promotes death.


Talk 2: Stepping Out: Eyes on Jesus – Peter Walking on Water.
Focus: Faith is a surrender into mystery and there is risk involved in living a life of faith.  Jesus calls us to step out in faith despite the fears and doubts.


Talk 3: Love of a Father – Prodigal Son
Focus: God never stops pursuing his children but sometimes it takes us hitting the bottom before we can recognize God’s presence.


Talk 4: Standing on the rock: Conversion
Talk 5: Battle of the Culture – John 3:16 – 19
Focus:  Temptations of the culture and how we choose darkness and death even though Jesus freely gives us light and life.


Talk 6: Family – Raising of Jairus Daughter
Focus:  Parents and children need each other to know Jesus.  We lead each other to Truth.





Chris Stefanik – Speaker, Author

Brian's ministry is heartfelt. Not in a sappy way. I mean his heart is close to the heart of Jesus and his ministry comes from that, with a lot of passion.


Deacon Harold Burk-Sivers – Speaker, Author, EWTN Host

Brian Greenfield is a dynamic, spirit-filled evangelist and teacher who is incredibly gifted by the Holy Spirit. Brian has a deep love for the Catholic faith and his powerful, heartfelt, and motivating presentations will stimulate your mind and penetrate your heart. Fueled by the fire of God’s love, Brian's passion and enthusiasm will help make the connection between the faith and your everyday life. If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event, look no further!


Chris Padgett – Speaker, Author, Teacher, Musician

If you are looking for someone quiet, who is fickle in his doctrine, careless in his devotion and lukewarm in his spirituality, then Brian is not your guy!  If by chance you are looking for someone who knows how to speak the truth in love, is willing to be honest with his message so that every person can be reached with the Gospel, well, then Brian might be just what you’re looking for.  I think he’s a great friend, family man and evangelist, and I hope you think so too.  


Megan Mastroianni – Speaker, Director 

Brian is a genuine and humble man after God's own heart and that is evident when he speaks. He speaks with conviction, passion, and strength, inspiring people to an authentic relationship with Christ.  Brian is very receptive to the Holy Spirit when he speaks, he leaves his agenda behind and gives it all to the Lord, which is why his talks are so effective.


Sean Forrest – Speaker, Musician, Missionary, Founder Haiti 180

Brian is one of my favorite speakers hands down. His love and zeal for the lord carried through when he speak to the audience! He is an authentic man of God and fearlessly proclaims the gospel!


Stephen Szolosi – Director of Campus Ministry, Gonzaga College High School

Brian Greenfield facilitated a moving prayer rally for our students, that invited them all into recognizing how God would call them to be truthful about their struggles as well as open to God's support.  He called them to deeper fellowship and faith with an energized appeal that is rooted both in personal experience of God's love and the Scriptures.  He provoked in our freshman class an openness to encountering Christ in their classmates, their families, the school community, and in God's saving love.  His return to our school is celebrated each year!  


Leah Darrow - Catholic Speaker, Author and Formal Model
Brian evangelizes from his heart and I have personally witnessed him change the hearts of others through the gospel. Brian is honest, funny and amazingly down to earth - just what this world needs when talking about the love of Jesus Christ! What a gift to the young Church Brian is.  


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